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What can a Virtual Business Manager do for your business? 

* You run a successful business but would like more support to take it to the next level

* You need more time to do what only you can do in your business

* You would benefit from accountability and strategy sessions with someone who cares about your business as if it were their own

Would this help you and your business thrive?

Do you need a Right-Hand Woman?

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Help managing your teams

Looking after your employees can be time consuming but it is one of the most important parts of running a business - your people are your greatest assets

How could you improve your team?

Help scaling your business

Business owners & entrepreneurs normally have no problem thinking of new ideas to take their business to the next level but actually putting those plans into action take time & commitment

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Confidential Strategy Sessions

You manage your team and your business but who looks after you? Monthly accountability & strategy sessions can fast-track ideas, challenges & projects.  Someone to trust with your business.

How could you improve your motivation, performance & results?

Mandy Baker 

  • Over 20 yrs in family Label printing business, going from 30 employees to 100 with a turnover of over £10mil (Baker Labels, based in Essex - Brentwood Business of the Year 2019)
  • Finance & HR Manager and finally Chief Happiness Officer (what better job title could there be!)
  • Qualified Performance Coach & NLP Practitioner
  • Combines over 25 years of business knowledge (finance, strategy, HR, wellbeing, systems) with the soft skills of coaching 
  • Passion for building business while looking after the wellbeing of the people who own and run it
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Mastermind for Business Owners 2020

If you aren't in a position to take on a Virtual Business Manager, but still looking to grow your busienss then maybe our Masterminds would be a great fit for you. Our Masterminds bring a team of like-minded business owners together to help each other with challenges, business ideas & dilemmas with coaching on motivation, confidence & mindset - one day at Essex Hotel venue, strategy sessions, special guest spots & personality profiling for delegates

Want to start a digital online business?

Do you have a skill that you could share with the world? Do you work 1-2-1 but want to move away from daily appointments? Do you want to earn a passive income alongside your exisiting business? Zone Club can help you create an online course or membership site on Kajabi (an all in one learning platform). We provide a "hand-holding" service that gets you started and helps you avoid the tech overwhelm that blocks all creative thoughts

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