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Flow Zone - Total Accountability Programme

For people who want quick results and aren't afraid of a challenge. If you have a goal (weight loss, fitness goal, business goal, habit change) then sign up to get in our Flow Zone

What could you achieve with your own Cheerleader? 

What about a Cheerleader who is with you every day giving you motivation & confidence, teaching you to be your own coach for your personal life & business?

The Zone Club has several programmes to suit lots of different needs - there's one for you!

* The Zone Club Gym Membership makes daily coaching affordable & easily accessible

* Flow Zone - Total Accountability Programme for fast results & full on coaching

* Online Business Mastermind - for online business owners or those who want to be - accountability, team skill set, clarity & progress

* Rapid Fire Coaching - 30 mins of focus

Can I book a callback - I want results

Mastermind for Online Business Owners Jan 2020

90 Days of full on focus on your business, meetings held weekly online, bringing a team of like-minded business owners together to help each other with challenges, business ideas & dilemmas with coaching on motivation, confidence & mindset

Are You A Business Customer?

If you would like to set up a Wellbeing Programme for your employees, click the link for more information


The place for grown up women (who still feel 21) to hang out.

It's like having your own personal coach in your pocket - access that all important motivation & confidence just when you need it - learn all about how you can use your subconscious mind to get whatever your want - achieve your goals & dreams.

Daily inspiration helps you prioritise your wellbeing goals & the FB community gives you support and encouragement when you need it 


I want to achieve my goals

Do you have great plans, but life is busy and sidetracks you?

You have great intentions at the beginning of each day/week/month but nothing seems to change long term?

I know I can achieve more

Do you have that niggling feeling that you can not only achieve more, but you are worth more?

Do you put others before yourself and get caught up in the everyday stuff?

I love that buzz of confidence

Do you get a kick from achieving new things, but quite often lack the motivation to sustain change?

Do you achieve much more when you are feeling really confident but don't always feel like that?

"I joined Mandy’s Programme in September. Though time was tight during those 4 weeks Mandy made it easy to keep up with her posts. Her videos are informative, inspiring & funny. She truly believes in what she does and wants all her clients to be the best that they can be, whatever their goals. I would highly recommend The Zone Club."

Fiona, Essex
Marketing Company Owner

"Mandy, is a joy to be around, she fills you with hope and positivity. Her advice is real, realistic and achievable. She helps put things into perspective and gives you small goals that make a big difference. I would highly recommend Zone Club to anyone."

Jo, Essex
Company Owner, Branding Specialist

"I love the Zone Club posts, Mandy is so encouraging, without losing that ‘real-life’ approach. She’s got good tips and shares her experiences so nobody feels that ‘falling off the wagon’ occasionally is a major disaster, more a minor blip that can be put aside, not stop you in your tracks. Everyone is so supportive too. A great place for real people!"

Lesley, Essex
Reputation Marketeer

Daily videos, courses, posts & articles

Get that pep talk first thing, get focussed, feel really motivated for action, learn how to control your feelings more, be proactive about your life - less stress, less anxiety - more control

How would your health & wellbeing change with loads of motivation?

How would your business or career change with a super confident mindset?

£19.99 or £49.99 per month

(group coaching call or one-to-one coaching call per month)

no contract, cancel anytime

What could you achieve with your own Coach in your pocket?


Just too busy for coaching?

If you need a fast, easy solution, try our rapid fire coaching calls, 30 minutes of full on focused time - get answers fast! Click below for more information

Vlog & Blog Posts!

Dive into our past videos for quick tips & advice


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