For busy women who want to be happy & healthy and in control of their feelings & behaviours

Every new member that joins before the end of 2019 will receive a FREE JOURNAL (worth £14.99)

Gym Membership for Your Mind

Zone Club lives happily inside a closed Facebook Group so you get 24/7 access to a vibrate community, along with a beautiful website full of video tutorials, tips & advice to make you the woman you want to be! Come and join the gang!

Here are your options:

We don't believe in pesky contracts - we like to keep things simple - limited places due to coaching element within the membership




Access to Member's website with video tutorials, tips & advice, monthly challenges & book recommendations

Entry to Member Community in Closed Facebook Group with daily posts.

Monthly group coaching call





You get all features of Standard Membership 

PLUS a one-to-one monthly coaching call at a time to suit you

(All clients who get personal coaching get great results)


Fast Track Your Success


"I love the Zone Club posts, Mandy is so encouraging, without losing that ‘real-life’ approach. She’s got good tips and shares her experiences so nobody feels that ‘falling off the wagon’ occasionally is a major disaster, more a minor blip that can be put aside, not stop you in your tracks."

Lesley, Essex
Reputation Marketeer

"Mandy, is a joy to be around, she fills you with hope and positivity. Her advice is real, realistic and achievable. She helps put things into perspective and gives you small goals that make a big difference. I would highly recommend Zone Club to anyone."

Jo, Essex
Graphic Designer & Brand Expert

"The Zone Club is a true nugget among the plethora of motivational and self-help groups we are all swamped with each day via Social Media. Mandy is a fantastic coach. She ‘talks the talk’ but follows it through by ‘walking the walk’ and leading by example. Gym Membership for the Mind is a novel holistic approach – we all know we should eat well, exercise etc but Mandy helps you understand how to teach your brain to work in conjunction with your desires, helping to form good habits with the tools provided. Her program within the website is easy to follow, yet comprehensive, and her daily posts make sure that the little actions which can make big changes are at the forefront of your mind. "

Fiona, Essex
Marketing Entreprenuer

Frequently Asked Questions

You will feel more focussed, more motivated and therefore more confident.  You will get to know how your brain works, and how to use your subconscious mind to your advantage.  You will get the feeling of belonging to a great community, who are going through the same things, and who can help and encourage each other to be the happy, healthy, successful women we all want to be.

Access to our website, full of video tutorials (like a living, evolving online course), access to the Member's Closed Facebook Group, entry into monthly challenges and the all important coaching call (group for standard membership or one-to-one for premium membership)

No, we only want you to be in Zone Club if you want to.  There is no contract so easy to cancel.  Of course, we would always like to know if you aren't happy and if there was anything we need to improve

No these are voluntary - if you can't make the time, we will forward you a recording.  Premium members get to book a time to suit them.  All group calls are held via Zoom (you will be sent a link) and one-to-one can be either done by Facetime or Skype


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