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How my morning coffee became an extra feel good factor to my day!

This morning as I was near the end of my walk (you know, the one we all do now seeing as we have so few other choices!) I was pondering where to buy a coffee.  My morning coffee is literally the most wonderful part of the day….I was a tea drinker until about 10 years ago, but I’m not completely converted over to the other side!


Having recently moved to a more suburban location, I have a smorgasbord of choice.  My natural choice would be a small independent unique coffee shop, but Shenfield is lacking (during Lockdown) with that offering, so my choices were the BP M&S garage (I cannot tell you how much I love living within 2 mins walk of one of these) To be honest, if I can’t buy it in my local BP garage, I don’t have it (well….that’s probably stretching the truth a little, they don’t sell Mint Velvet clothes, which I am partial to, so I do buy from other places too).  


We also have a Costa, but life is too short for the time it takes to queue there (sorry not sorry!)


And then I spotted the little mobile coffee vehicle outside the station - I’m not entirely sure what you call it, it may have originally be a tuk-tuk, I think it has three wheels (in fact I’m sure) and can regularly be seen tootalling (yes that is a word but maybe chugging would be better) around the Shenfield & Brentwood area, but I could already see that the owner was chatting animatedly to his customers and it looked like a party I wanted to join.  Let’s face it there has been a distinct lack of parties recently!


I’m a naturally very sociable person, I LOVE people, but even I have quiet, unsociable moments when I don’t feel like talking to anyone, and I’ve found during Lockdown that these moments are more frequent.  We’ve had to get used to having less variety in our social interactions, and once you are used to it, it becomes familiar and feels safe.  There’s also the fact that when (if you are lucky enough) you do have interaction with lots of people, it reminds you of what we are missing, and it hurts and makes you yearn for life to return to normal.  When I say “lots” I obviously mean more than one other human.


On an aside, I actually love bumping into people I know while walking, most of us are in less of a rush these days, and appreciate talking to a “new” person more, so the chats I’ve had mid-walk, mid-pavement have been lovely, and treasured moments.


But getting back to my coffee purchase, I quickly told myself to carry on home and make myself a coffee there (cheaper & more sensible obviously) but as I started to pass by the station I knew that I should buy from Trevor (got that intel from a friend) to make me feel happier - we  aware of our mental resilience and wellbeing at the moment, and I know that it is much better to be pro-active and keep spirits high, than struggle to raise your mood once it has dipped.


So I turned round and got my soya latte (no judgement!).  As I knew we would, we chatted, laughed - he told me that everyone comes to him for coffee and/or banter, and if they were lucky they got both.  I met Colin the cab driver who is currently delivering gorgeous coffee to local businesses and I walked away with a spring in my step, feeling like I had made a human connection, felt more of the community and am looking forward to detouring to Trevor tomorrow morning for the same short exchange!


It’s usually the small things that make a difference in life so think about what you can do to make your day a little brighter - working from home, missing the community of your workplace can be tough - you don’t do your best work when you are feeling low, so pep yourself up by finding small things throughout the day, which will bring a smile to your face.  


Also, when you are out walking smile too!  I could be the one you smile at and I promise that will make my day!


Mandy Baker

March 2021



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