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How my morning coffee became an extra feel good factor to my day!

This morning as I was near the end of my walk (you know, the one we all do now seeing as we have so few other choices!) I was pondering where to buy a coffee.  My morning coffee is literally the most wonderful part of the day….I was a tea drinker until about 10 years ago, but I’m not completely converted over to the other side!


Having recently moved to a more suburban location, I have a smorgasbord of choice.  My natural choice would be a small independent unique coffee shop, but Shenfield is lacking (during Lockdown) with that offering, so my choices were the BP M&S garage (I cannot tell you how much I love living within 2 mins walk of one of these) To be honest, if I can’t buy it in my local BP garage, I don’t have it (well….that’s probably stretching the truth a little, they don’t sell Mint Velvet clothes, which I am partial to, so I do buy from other places too).  


We also have a Costa, but life is...

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