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How do I make sure my Journal helps me achieve my goals?

journal post Aug 02, 2019

If you own one of our beautiful Journals, read this post on how to make the most out of it and not let it just turn into a big to-do list .   

A journal does quite often turn into a to-do list but I think you are right to want more from it.  If you use the Monthly & Weekly sections to focus on your goals (rather than your to-do's) i.e. weight loss, exercise, business or career goals and go a little deeper in those sections to help you break the goal down.  

 So say for instance your monthly goal is to lose 4 pounds, use that section to put your reasons for why you want to achieve that (this will help with motivation), how it will feel at the end of the month to have lost that weight and maybe what benefits you will see then too.

 In the Weekly section you can focus on what you need to do this week to work towards your monthly goal i.e. eat well, exercise more, anything that keeps you on track for the week.  The more specific you are...

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