For business women who want to move forward quickly, feel confident about their decisions, get a power boost of motivation to start taking action - build a strong team around you

Book Your Rapid Fire Coaching Session Now

Feel different, boost your motivation & confidence, start taking action! £30 for 30 full on focused minutes

Does any of this ring a bell?

  • Do you struggle to focus on the path ahead?
  • You want to work for yourself but you'd love someone to just tell you what to do?
  • You have too many great ideas but fail to work out which one to move forward with?
  • You think you have made a decision and then you aren't sure?
  • Do you have days when your confidence seems to have just walked out the door?
  • Do you have days when all your great ideas seem to have walked out the door?
  • Let me open the door & get you through it!

Making business coaching easy to access - work easily with me when you need to

Coaching made easy - book 1/2hr coaching call slot, start taking action straight away - find clarity & focus. The answers are inside you, I can help you find them quickly & move forward

"Your future is created by what you do today not tomorrow"

£30 for 30 focused minutes - don't miss an opportunity to move your business & you forward to where you want to be

"She remembered who she was and the game changed...."

Find your purpose & direction fast

Are you ready to feel like you can take on the world?

"Whenever I see Mandy, I always leave feeling energised and ready to take on the world! It’s nice to be able to take some time out of the busy day to sit down and think about future goals (business). Mandy has helped me in ways that I didn’t think was possible! Highly recommend."

Rebecca, IFA

Frequently Asked Questions

You will feel more focused, more motivated and therefore more confident.  Sometimes we procrastinate due to indecision, once that decision is made the action follows.

No - rapid fire coaching can be one session or more, it's up to you to choose.  Every person is different and every need is different.  I want to make working with me as a Coach as easy as possible.

The calls can be a normal audio call, facetime, Zoom or Skype - whatever suits you.  The Client makes the call to the Coach if using a mobile call.


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